USA Horse Racing

If you’ve never bet on or “traded” on American horse racing then now might be a good time to start as the UK & Irish meetings are all cancelled due to Coronavirus.

There is a really good bog post by David Griffiths who is an “In-Running” trader on Betfair, all about the races at the “Tampa Bay Downs” race track in Florida USA.

Read Davids blog post here. Trading USA Horse Races on Betfair

If you’ve no idea about the In-Running market then basically it is where people bet a horse will win or lay* a horse to lose whilst the race is actually underway.

*When you “Lay” a horse you are basically acting like a bookie. You are saying it won’t win and offering a price. If someone takes you on and the horse loses you keep their money but if it wins you have to pay out.

Tampa Bay Videos

David produced a 3 part mini series to go with the blog post. I’ve embedded the first one here but I advise you to watch Pt 2 and 3 as well. Part two will certainly give you more of an insight into “trading” races via Betfair.